There are lots of weapons, such as guns or daggers. And throughout visited this museum, I got lots of inspiration. I will use this elements from solders uniforms in my final design.





Today I do some research about different military uniforms.

This solders is pilot, and there is parachute inside the big bag. They will use the mask and glasses to protect them.This elements really inspire me lot,especially the shape of breathing tube.

The second solder’ uniform have lot of pocket to keep bullet.

The third solder wear a mask, beside he hold a —-in his hand.–is could protect solder when they face danger situation.



Today, I went to Duxford  museum. And I saw lots of aircrafts and some weapons. And almost weapon be made in The second war.img_0889.jpgI saw various military uniforms, and it’s inspire me lots.They always use camouflage as main fabric pattern. It’s useful to help soldiers hiding in brushwood. And This is a interesting thing. Because of in nature, many animals could change skin’s color or fur’s color to be avoid hunting by  predators.There are so many arm of the services, therefore they have different uniforms for different soldiers.