Final Major Project 6(02.27)

Today we do presentation together,and I herd some interesting ideas from my team.The first idea is come from Lee that is racial discrimination,and he said he has experience in England, and he want to use this theme to do some research.In my thoughts,it was a interesting idea ,but this idea hard to do research.Because we hard to communicate with racist.Therefore ,it was a hard idea to do primary research.His second idea is fairy tale, and he want to do some continuing development about fairy tale.For example,Cinderella’s sister want to her feet suit glass shoes that she just cut her feet and wear shoes.And fairy stories always have happy ending,but we never know after story. In my thought, it was a interesting idea. Because people always focus on leading roles meantime we always know happy ending.All in all, I prefer this idea.



Final Major Project 5 (02.24)

Today, we do presentation about our ideas.And tutors arrange some groups.I heard some interesting idea from my group member.One idea of them is legend.She want to use traditional Chinese legend to do research. Another idea is the seven.And Lee’s idea is fairy story. Blouse’s idea is horn.Therefore I get some inspirations from group activity. Finally I choose Survival as my final topic, and it is a good choice for me.

Final Major Project 4 (02.23)

Finaly,I choose survival and another world deep sea.Because the them of criminal scene is hard to to research.But I may do this project in university.The reason about why I choose this idea is I want to show some own opinion in realistic problems.And the two idea of my choose clearly show some problem in our world.

Final Major project3( 02.22)

My third idea is another world,deep-sea.Actually ,this project is come from my previous project,movement.Because sea always moving because of fish or wing.About deep sea, human know less.Besides, the most advance diving machine only diving into water 10916meter.And It’s mean deep sea is another world for us.According to scientific research ,deep sea was land in many years ago.It mean a lot of land animal’s skeleton may in sea land.What’s more ,deep sea include continental shelf,ocean ridge,sea basin,submarine trench and continental slope.Meantime ,deep sea have lots of animals,such as deep sea fish.Actually,deep sea fishes are special and they living in dark sea but they hold light in them body.They own sharp teeth to help them hunting.The most important thing is inside have various fans.I know news about whales,whales as the bigger animal in the world prefer the food krill.But human find krill’s delicious taste to hunt them.And this behavior influence whale.Thus people kill lots of whale invisible. What’s more lot of country use warships go on patrol.Besides ,the city which near sea may build some danger building,such as nuclear power station.In people’s thoughts,sea could be purify all dirty,including me.Because sea is a really big thing for us.We always drop litter to sea,and discharge pollute to sea.But fishes are the victim.

Final Major Project2 (02.21)

About my final project, the another idea is survival.The reason about why I choose this them because of nowadays more and more people suffering war.039ae34214c195f7419a81557618be9d

And human are fragility when we face danger.Therefore, this idea comes to my mind.I want to do some design for human to protect our living longer when we in danger situation. Actually we always face danger in usual, for instance, the natural also easy take our life.In past, the cold weapon period, people creative armour and use it in war.Thus I can do research about tow period.

Final Major Project1(02.20)

About final major project, tutor give us some requests. In this project, we have 12weeks to finish. For 1-2week, my plans is choose some interesting topic. The first topic in my mind is crime scene. Actually I am inspired  by TV program, Sherlock.In this situation ,all people are interesting.We can made an imagination,If we all in a danger situation, the  people would play different identities in scene.And the police ,doctor and legal medical expert would come scene to record.Meantime the ambulance and police car would come. Other people can’t close here can police would set up a ‘Don’t close’line.Besides police would take notes and take pictures about criminal scene.It have lots of  inspiration for me. And I can use lots elements inside.