1. About my proposals, I choose two topics. The first topic is deep-sea world and another one is survival.The first topic is survival. The reason about why I choose this theme because of nowadays more and more people suffering war. And humans are fragile when they face danger. Therefore this idea comes to my mind. I want to design for humans to protect them. When they in danger situations, this designer can help them live longer. Actually we always face danger, for instance, humans hard live in extreme place, such as jungle and desert.Another topic is deep-sea. Because I saw some news about sea,such as whales.Whales are the biggest animal in the world and prefer the food krill. But humans find krill’s delicious taste and hunt them. This behavior influences the whale. Thus people kill lots of whale. Besides, the city which is near sea may build some dangerous buildings, such as nuclear power station.Sea is a really big thing for us.We always drop litter to sea,and discharge pollute to sea.But fishes are the victim.Finally ,I choose survival as my final major project.

2.About research, I went to Imperial war museum. And it was a good choice for me to do research. There are lots of military transportation, aircraft, and minor naval vessels in various majority exhibition buildings. The most impressive one is an exhibition of military suits.There are various military occupational specialty and their cloth can help them live longer in jungle or some places. For example,this picture illustrate Paratrooper ,and their cloth use camouflage fabric, the shape and colour would  help them easy to hide in jungle to avoid by enemy.  Talk about camouflage, it is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, and patterns to made animals or predator hard to see protective coloration. Some animals, such as Chameleon  hold an ability to quickly change them skin pattern and colors. Meantime I went to the scot polar museum, and i saw lots of tools and different clothes in museum. Local people prefer seal skin as fabric to do clothes or other tools. Seal skin is a wonderful material in polar region, because the seals are easy to hunt. Another main usage of seals skin is water proof. Then I draw when I visited museum.And I do 4 artistes research, first one is Comme des Garcons. I am really appreciate her design.The rest artists are Them Browne,Hyung S.kim.

3.when I start do my final project, I do the backside design first, sleepingbag. Actually It’s a hard experience for me.Because I try many times but still failed.Finally I sew by my hand. And I use tape sticking in my fabric to help me easy to sew. I think It’s really hard to transfer design to reality.  Then I do 3times test before I do my final.

4. I made timetable in February.In the first month, I do secondary and I look through some website of  my topic, meantime I will watch documentary ink with my project. In the following  month , I focus on primary research.And I went different museum,such as the polar museum and imperial war museum.Then my plan is one month for my final outfit, and I use 2weeks to do pattern cutting.

5.(development for anything)

About my development, I went to Scott polar museum. And I draw cloth when I am in museum.  They prefer seal skin to do cloth or other material, and there are various details in them cloth. Therefore I  draw various local clothes in my sketchbook. Meantime, I do draping when I start design, and I can get various inspiration

6. I use blog to record my FMP, including all details. The advantage is I can improve my English skill, and I can clear know what I done, and what I need to do.


Firstly, I edit my photos, and I use photoshop to arrange layout. And I draw a illustration to present my final outfit.I stick illustration in exhibition board ,and I choose 5different photos to show final outfit details. I use my favourite photo made a card, and people can take it if they want. And I need to think how to explain my idea. I did research from some extreme places. I wish my design enhance people awareness in undiscovered area. Nowadays, people live in a safety and steady environment( no including wars). We forget we are also part of the nurture. Money became the main concert in our society, we lost our natural gifts or power to survive in most of dangeous situations. The spirt of adventure has disappeared. Therefore, I wish to explore how people in the past were good at surviving in different environment.



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