Fashion design (movement)5

I use some white fabric and paper to do some different textile. It was a interesting   process for me.


About my final choose ,I think it was a represent to me.

I made a test one before I do final pieces. And I drawing the line up about this design.It easy to made when I do test.However when I use the real fabric ,a lot of difficult appear.

It was basic fabric , and I choose elastic fabric .However, It’s hard to make sure exact size when I use this fabric. what’s more , it’s really heavy .


Fashion design(movement)4

Because of metal, the chemical reaction comes to my mind. In earth , metal is easy to reaction with other element. Therefore,I do a lot of researches. I found ,chemical reaction is really special, and it show various shape and colour.

This reaction give me lot of inspiration in my design,and I am appriciate this shape and color.Therefore,my color of my final desigh come from this experiment.

Besides I find some reaction in internet.

However,I think I need spend more time in this project because there are so many interesting reaction. This reaction give me a lot of inspiration.