Today, I finish my final outfit, and I take photo shots using orange as background. Actually I took picture in Photo-center. And I spend a long time to change the background color. About  my model’s make up, I use white to dyes her browns. And I use sliver color in her lip and eyes. I want to show the different with warm background, meantime I want express my topic throughout my make up. The white browns and sliver lips mean frozen in cold place, and the orange mean emergency situation. When I start my photo shot, I spend a long time to find suitable shoes. Finally I choose this shoes.About accessories,  I choose a pair of special earring. It is made by plastic and white peals, so it suitable my outfit. Actually, I have good cooperation with my models. She became my model 3 times, and we can easy understand each other.In university, I will learn more photoshop skills and make up skills. Besides, I will find some friend who good at photoshop or make up and I want corporate with them. I want to throughout my picture and my design to express my topic, in future, I will make plan about my photography’s topic.


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