Today, I continue do research of impireal war museum.And there are some special tools, such as X weight belt, N36 knapsack, and magazine bag. Beside, they hold different food to avoid long time war, such as K-soild food and D-grian ration.M1 bayonet is a excellent melee weapons except.And talk about camouflage , it is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, and patterns to made animals or predator hard to see protective coloration. Some animals, such as Chameleon hold an ability to quickly change them skin pattern and colors. Beside military camouflage was used in the 19th century. And it replace some weapon in battle as a survival skill. Military camouflage developed rapidly, especially during the I World War.Therefore there are huge number of solder suit use camouflage.It’s not first time people learning from nurtural and animal. Rider technology also learn from bat.(雨林)


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