Today, I will using my research of Impreial war museum. Then I will focus on uniform in the war. Firstly, Imperial War Museum,there are lots of military transportation, aircraft, and minor naval vessels in various majority exhibition buildings. The most impressive one is an exhibition of military suits.There are various military occupational specialty and their cloth can help them live longer in jungle or some places. For example,this picture illustrate Paratrooper ,and their cloth use camouflage fabric, the shape and colour would help them easy to hide in jungle to avoid by enemy. They use parachutes jumping out of aircraft to land safely on the land and it’s a good way exist to take part in battle.Meantime ,the M1C helmet also attractive me, because it design by green color and there regrind of meshes. Sometime ,in helmet, there are first-aid kit. That is a woderful way to ensure basic medicine they need in danger situation.


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