How can clothes help people to survive extreme conditions?


Nowadays lots of people still suffering war. And humans are fragile when they face danger. Therefore this idea comes to my mind. I want to know what kind of cloth can protect humans in danger situation. Actually we always face danger, for instance, humans hard live in extreme place, such as jungle ,desert, and the polar region. Therefore I will do research in some extreme places, including the local costumes. Besides the military  uniforms also attract me, because of it’s made by camouflage fabric. And this color could help solders easy to hide in brushwood. Actually , there are lots of animals have same ability. They throughout them skin color to avoid hunt by predictor. Therefore, I will explored more informations about some extreme places and how people surveil  in these situation.

Firstly, I’ d like to talk about jungle, and I went to Imperial War Museum, and there are lots of military transportation, aircraft, and minor naval vessels in various majority exhibition buildings. The most impressive one is an exhibition of military suits.There are various military occupational specialty and their cloth can help them live longer in jungle or some places. For example,this picture illustrate Paratrooper ,and their cloth use camouflage fabric, the shape and colour would  help them easy to hide in jungle to avoid by enemy.  They use parachutes jumping out of aircraft to land safely on the land and it’s a good way exist to take part in battle.Meantime ,the M1C helmet also attractive me, because it design by green color and there regrind of meshes. Sometime ,in helmet, there are first-aid kit. That is a woderful way to ensure basic medicine they need in danger situation.Then there are some special tools, such as X weight belt, N36 knapsack, and magazine bag. Beside, they hold different food to avoid long time war, such as K-soild food and D-grian ration.M1 bayonet is a excellent melee weapons except.And talk about camouflage , it is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, and patterns to made animals or predator hard to see protective coloration. Some animals, such as Chameleon  hold an ability to quickly change them skin pattern and colors. Beside military camouflage was used in the 19th century. And it replace some weapon in battle as a survival skill. Military camouflage developed rapidly, especially during the I World War.Therefore there are huge number of solder suit use camouflage.It’s not first time  people learning from nurtural and animal. Rider technology also learn from bat.(雨林)

On the following stage, I’ d like to say the polar region. Actually, I wen to the scot polar museum, and i saw lots of tools and different clothes in museum. Local people prefer seal skin as fabric to do clothes or other tools. Seal skin is a wonderful material in polar region, because the seals are easy to hunt. Another main usage of seals skin is water proof. Therefore local people would use at least 2 layer to made cloth or shoes.Inside is fox fur to keep warm, outside layer is seal skin to avoid water. Meantime, the polar region is a place which hard to hunt animals, then aboriginal will bring a kayak and sleeping bag to prepare for hunting. The rest of important things to help local people living are snow goggles ,kayak mittens, fishing reel, and man’s winter equipment. Man’s winter equipment made by horse leather, and the function of this equipment is place different weapons, such as knives and whetstone.Another tool is fishing reel, And the reel and line for cod or shark fishing has three carried metal hooks.When they hunt this fish,the shark meat is used for dog food, while the liver is full of oil and is sold to traders. Kayak mittens also used by man, which have two thumbs.The hunter’s mittens,which protetact against cold and damp, become wet on the palm as water trickles down the paddle shaft.A wet leather mitten is heavy and cold, so to avoid  this problem,each mitten has two thumbs which can be used alternately.When the mitten freezes,the thin layer of ice can easily be knocked off.Talk about modern polar cloth, it’s uses advances in synthetic fabric to produce clothing.

About polar region, I do some research form internet.”Life in the planet’s polar regions can be incredibly difficult. Bitterly cold winds whip across the landscape. Winter temperatures can reach deep into the negatives, and the winter night can last for months. But these seemingly barren landscapes are home to a rich diversity of wildlife—both on land and under the sea surface—that has evolved to survive these harsh conditions.Millions of people also live in the Arctic, but Antarctica has no permanent inhabitants. Antarctica is protected by a 1959 treaty that established the continent as a place to be used only for peace and science—though several thousand scientists and support staff periodically inhabit the area in the pursuit of research.But even the relatively untouched expanse of Antarctica has not been immune to the effects of climate change. And the Arctic, in addition to climate change, has suffered from pollution, development by the oil and gas industry, and overfishing.”Thus, living in polar region definitely is a big challenge for human. However human face this challenge use anything they can use.Meantime human know how to deal with relationship with animals,such as dogs. In the past ,Eskimo occupied a leadership place in polar region,and the name of “Eskimo”mean “eater of raw meat”. In my thoughts,  human’ charm is adopt in different situations.


The last place which hard to living is dessert.Meantime dessert is place that extreme hot. As we know, Egypt is an accent country in the world. And they use white as main color to made fabric, because white is a good colour to avoid sunshine in extreme hot place, dessert.Beside they use flax as main materials to made cloth, this fabric has a good function keep refreshing. Therefore local people prefer this fabric in their routine life.

In conclusion, cloth have various function in different situations.




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