Review: Looking back at my previous project, I learn a lot from here. Firstly, I cleanly understand research is an important things for our final design. We need to do lots of research. For example, we can go to museum to get inspiration. Meantime we can watch a plenty of videos or books to learn some knowledges linking with our project. The final piece is made from our different research, including fabric, color and our drawing. The other important thing is when we do research we need to use various technology, such as photography, photoshop or I-movie. For instance, we can drawing lots using different materials. I learnt lots of about sewing machine and pattern cutting. Actually, It’s easy for me to design on paper. However, when I made my design, I will face lots of troubles. For example, I need to design patter cutting for myself. It is difficult to translate my design ideas in to garment. In FMP, I will focus on this element.

    Ideas and concepts: 
My theme is survival. The reason about why I choose this theme because of nowadays more and more people suffering war. And humans are fragile when they face danger. Therefore this idea comes to my mind. I want to design for humans to protect them. When they in danger situations, this designer can help them live longer. Actually we always face danger, for instance, humans hard live in extreme place, such as jungle and desert.


    Contextual research:
 About this project, I want to do an imagination about modern war. If we are in war, what kind of clothes could help us live longer? Besides, If we are in war, we may face dangerous situations. For example, we may face modern weapon or we may get lost in dangerous place, such as the jungle, the sea, or in polar regions. Because, all of facilities we are enjoying are based on peace. Lots of people do not have natural survival skills. Only a few people have experience of danger places. In the past, humans fear dark, extreme weather, and hunger. But they find fire, make cloth, and hunt animals by themselves. Nowadays, people focus on earning money, because money can help them get all they need. They even build zoos to seize the most dangerous animals. Actually human are fragile. Therefore I am really appreciative of people who give up peaceful life to seek adventure. Therefore I will research about explorers, including their equipment and clothes. I will go to the museum, Scott Polar Research institute. I will watch a plenty of documentary. I would go to some museums, such as Cabinet War Rooms, Imperial war Museum, and National Army Museum. I want to know what weapons people used in the past. I want to know is there any distinction between weapon and armour in different country. Besides I would go to some science Museum, National Museum of Science and Industry, because I want to see some modern weapons and some modern suits.


    Techniques and presentation: 
About my final outfit, I may use waterproof material or some special material. And I know it’s really hard to use the best suitable materials to make my outfit, but I will design lots of interesting usage in my design. For example, my outfit could as a bed on night or my outfit have lots of air pocket to make people easy float on sea. Therefore I will sincerely to thinking some useful idea, if people suffering danger, what can help them. I will draw lots.


    Evaluation: I will continue to record my process of this project, and every day I will do write my thoughts. Besides, I will take lots of pictures about what I am doing. I will go to lots of museum. I will write blog everyday.


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