(scrawl)Street Culture


Few months ago,I saw a video on Weibo (a Chinese social meida)and it introduced a interesting program that Dubai invite famouse artists, such as graffiti artist,to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       decorate a mall’s wall.Usually,the graffit represent a street culture and it was not allow to drawing on public wall.Therefore lots of people drawing their work on night and quickly.Sometimes ,graffiti could express artist thoughts and opinion.Especially in some special period,such as scandal of government or war.

Therefore it was an amazing thing for me.Talk about the video, they invited 16artists,and I do some research about some artist.The first artist name Etamcru,and actually it was a group.One member of  the group is SAINER.He was born in Poland(1988).A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts. A freelancer balancing between murals, canvases and graphic designs and focusing mainly on illustrations and portraits. Another one name BEZT (Mateusz Gapski) born in 1987 in Poland. About them work,they good at using surrealism drawing in street graffiti.And it was a cool thing in street culture.Meantime, they’re work want to  show something.Sometimes they want to told people the war’s cruel,sometimes they want to show the rumours of government. Meantime,lots of young people support this way but  in some place they ban people drawing in wall.

And I choose some works of them,In my thoughts, graffiti is an amazing art. Artist could change the old building and made them look like a new building.Therefore,graffiti is a good way to decorate building.


Another artist is D*FACE,and his style is using comics when he creative.Meantime,he was 21st century’s icon of pop arts.Nowadays,more and more hotels or malls invited graffiti artists to decorate them building’s wall.And it was a new arts for lots of people.

D*Face a.k.a Dean Stockton has been a leading figure in Urban Contemporary Art, inaugurating his career in the streets of London over 15 years ago. He is one of the best known figures to rise from the British scene with a unique and particular fusion of pop culture and graffiti meshed with a rebellious streak and an ingenious imagination.

Using the term – aPOPcalyptic – to define his work, a blend of ‘pop art’ spliced with fragility of life, Stockton’s work reflects popular culture, centring on the ideals of the American dream and notion of ‘good’ triumphing over ‘evil’.

He aims to encourage the public not just to ‘see’, but to look at what surrounds them and their lives and our increasingly bizarre fascination with celebrity, fame and consumerism.

The third artist is Vhils.Vhils is the tag name of Portuguese graffiti/street artist Alexandre Farto (born in 1987).He gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. A photograph of him creating the work appeared on the front page of The Times. He manipulates a variety of surfaces to create his extraordinary vision. From the brick facade of buildings to peeling off layered flyposters, he reveals images that explore the sub-cultures and dynamism of a city. ”

Actually, it was a really special arts way in modern.Vhile just change walls to made  his work.He good at portraiture drawing ,therefore most of his work is human face.

The another artist is Slinkachu. His a really special artist, and he use some small models and take pictures using our life scenery.

Slinkachu (b. 1979, Devon, UK) has been “abandoning” his miniature people on the streets of cities around the world since 2006. His work embodies elements of street art, sculpture, installation art and photography and has been exhibited in galleries and museums globally.  Meantime his picture need a long time to find a suit place,besides the all the of litter figures are made by himself.He could use all views of  our city and combination with some interesting thoughts.And I am really like the three ideas of his work,and first one is observing something in camera.And I my thoughts ,It was cute idea.Another idea also interesting,and slinkachu use brand label to show a situation that a girl buy lots of things.


Nowadays,more and more fashion designer using graffiti pattern on fabric, such as Prada S/S 2014.c97e011e0277d6a2e8f4fd445780e753

About fashion, more and more designer prefer using this element in their fabric.As my know, the famous designer Benjamin Shine using crape to made a woman’s face,and it was a example about designer using graffiti element.And it was a really  good way to show different culture.Beside, Street art is a old way to express 20th century people’s thoughts.And now we have more way to say what we want to say.But street graffiti also is a good method to show people’s thought.However in future,artist could use more meaningful drawing in walls,because in my thought,decorating building’s wall is a good way to show they’re work to world.

Talk about video again, in my thoughts, it was amazing idea to invited artist to drawing on walls. Besides ,they bring a bright view in Dubai. And I think they use this artist could have huge commercial value for them.Because it could as proposal way to attractive people traveling here.All in all, street art is a old and special way to us.Before I saw this video,I never know graffiti and meantime I do not know is there has so many artist work on street art.And I knew new thing from this video.In future,I hope I have chance to see some of these graffiti work.


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DUBAIWALLS , http://www.dubaiwalls.com/artists/d-face/ (Accessed on 27/02/2017)


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