Fine Art/Illustration and graphic(conclusion)

Fine art is a new choice for me ,and the reason about why I choose it because of I think fine art was a inspired subject.And meantime ,this subject could give me more creative ideas.In the first week,we do various primary researches.The first one is footsteps,and our topic is journey .Besides ,about my idea ,I choose rail way station as my title.And this is my final piece.


And this is a waster paper in railway station.A lot of people walk through this paper,and left them footsteps. In my opinion,the station is new star for all journeys.People may hold different emotion come here,meanwhile they may hold various destination been here.Some one may need to work ,so it was daily routine for them.Another people may have trips,therefore they may exciting.Thus ,in my thought , station is similar with life station.Whatever you go , you’d never stay up.Whatever you sad,angry or happy, this emotion always change in our life.Everything will pass.Similarly , people won’t always stay station.
Next ,the teacher teach me to control light ,dark,and shadow in our work.And when I see this footstep in the wall ,it made me surprise.Besides ,we do some team work about took creative picture to show the body.
Because of be influenced by the light and shadow,I use the red light to took a photo.Behind the girl is a piece of iron.And the metal would reflect.Therefore it made a mysterious atmosphere.

In the secondary week , we do lots of research about fine art artists,including Bill viola ,Mona Hatoum and Stuart Brisley.
My favorite artist is Bill Viola’s video.It was amazing me,because of he use the human as leading role .And combination with nurture.The most inspired video is the fire woman. When I watch these video, I can felling human’s emotion.img_7268

Furthermore,we do teamwork with friends and we made a eye by body shape.In this work, we choose lots of hand together and the hand in eyelash mean ‘choose’.Because in our life,we always use hand.Hand is a essential tool for our.Therefore I think hand could be represent ‘Choosing’.In this work ,I want to show the meaning that you can choose what you want to see.Because in our life, we will face some problem,and get along with different friend.Sometimes, we may can understand something ,or we not appreciate something.We can use hand to close our eyes.Next , we do some plastic together by finger.And we give these a new name and it come from book.

In the third week , we use a cutting cloth to drawing in paper and then we use cloth and plastic made a special piece.In the paper we could creative anything.

img_6554About the final film , I took two video use two topic.The first one is joinery.And I choose take a video about wear shoes in daily life.In my opinion , the shoes always accompany with our , whatever where you go.You may working and you will wear high heel shoes or leather shoes .You may studying or exercise and you may wear comfortable shoes. And whatever you go ,you always wear shoes . Therefore I choose this as my topic.The second film is identity.And I choose washing hand as my idea.And inside this film , I took video about different situation to wash hand.If you have colorful or black hands, you may are a student or artist .If you have a dirty hand , you may are a working.If you have a clean hand , you may working in big company.Therefore ,I think washing hand could give me various information.And I want to show people could be use hand to know what are you doing.And only you will in different situation have different state .Therefore it could be show yourself. After that ,My final book’s topic is eyes and camera. The camera on here is show the cacht .And Inside is different eye that took by my friend a long time.


About illustration and fine art ,it was my first rotation.Our main topic in this rotation is Zine and Letterform, therefore I do lot of reaserche about different countries languages. It was shown by internet that there are more than 4000 languages in our world. It was an amazing number. In my opinion, the language was a represent for human ‘a culture. Aferward I choose few languages to reaserch. The first one is Chinese. China was a old culture contry,the history of language more than 5000 years. Besides,chinese had lots of different typeface. The ancient Chinese -Shang Dynasty creative the earliest Chinese typeface-pictograph.Therefore, the new Chinese word keep some feature. Therefore, I think people could be creative some story by Chinese letterform. Besides, the calligraphy was popular in ancient china. And in China, there are 5 categories typeface.Therefore ,the new Chinese word still keep some feature.Therefore , I think people could be creative some story by Chinese letterform.Besides,the calligraphy was popular in ancient china.And in china , there are 5 category typeface.

There are some creative design of Chinese letterform.And I am appreciate this design.

The another country is Japan ,because the Japanese be influenced by Chinese .Therefore the in Japanese had lots of common letterform .And the calligraphys also popular in Japan.

The next language I research is English.And Engilsh is most useful language in the word.And I find lots of creative letterforms on english,I was amazing me.
About my final work,I choose illistration about this topic.And before I have some idea.The first one is introduse somesting by drawing and letterform.

All in all,In the future, I hope I could be control my time well. Furthermore, I hope I could use more time in research, because I found It was important to set up a link between research and final idea. Meanwhile, I hope I could do more primary research, such as go to museum. I wish I could have more PROCESS about my final work. And show it in my sketchbook.Meantime ,in illustration and graphic rotation, I think research is my weakness. Because I didn’t spend time to do research. However I spend too much time on final work. About fine art, I do much better than before one. Meantime, I saw a lot of artist’s videos, and I leaning a lot about this film. About the research, I do a lot of by my hand. Meantime, I do a lot activity with team. It was a exciting thing to share idea. However, I am not good at use different way to do research.


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