Fashion Design( Movement )(2)

About this topic , a lot of ideas come to my mind. First one is Body Movement ,especially when people running ,jumping  or dancing. Therefore I do some researches about ballet.I saw a lot  of video , and I feeling dance is a special art to attractive  people. We can totally  feeling dancer’s emotion  when them dancing.I like body shape when dancer moving, it’s look like graceful and pretty.When dancer moving, they leg and hand’s shapes look amazing.


When the ballet dancer move , they are body would have different shape.

Second one is the water wave  , because the water (sea , river or lake)always change by wind or fish moving.What’s more , the water wave in different weather would look like different.When I thinking about wave , the fish comes to my mind. Afterwards, one of  my hobby is watching documentary .Therefore ,I am interesting about deep sea fish.I do lot of research about different fish ,and I found all of deep sea fishes are   special.Besides, the both belong various shape and colour.It was quite attractive me. Actually, some of deep fishes are flashing.What’s more , they may have transparent skin colour.I think it was a good  thought for design. I think the most important thing is find the suitable fabric,and the fabric could show the layer .


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