Proposal -It’s my cup of tea



About this year,I learn  how to do research  by myself.Meantime, I learn how to study by myself.And I learn some special technique to draw.

About this topic ,my first idea is the roof. In our life ,there are a lot of different  roofs.Sometimes ,we can see different colours in roof or we can see the different shape of the roof.In fact,this idea come from rain.I found the roof has unique color in raining day,so I am interested  in this occurrence.About research ,I want to take a lot of picture about roofs.And I  know different countries  has different roof.For example,Old China had some unique roof.

d92fbffe29d54aef95bb472977e4c14c.jpg It was old China roof.In fact ,old China also have  different colours about roof. For example,red , grey, and purple. Roof is architecture  structure.So I can connect with some special architecture.And why people need roof?

2.Project Concept


I want to research  the roof shape and colour.Meantime,I want to research the architecture  connect with the roof.Such as ,different  architectures have different roofs. For roof function,the most important is rain-proof.Therefore ,I will consider how to combination rains and roofs. The second function is lighting protection,and I know Europe architectures have sharp roofs to against lightning.Meantime,almost chines old architectures had two angles and they had same function.Therefore, I want to do a lot of research from roof exterior,function,and the relationship of construction.

Nowadays,a lot of modern architectures have some special shapes about roofs ,and even  some architectures don’t have roofs .So the old architectures are difference with new architectures. I can try difference way to observe roof .For example, It was difference when I saw the roof from high.Meantime, If I saw the roof from the back ,front ,or side ,It would difference.Therefore ,observation ways were important in my research. Some roofs have special patterns,and there are  various ways to design .For example ,Some architects choose relief as a way,or some architects choose drawing decoration roof .As a result, I can research the various pattern in roof,and the way of patterns’ creative.Because  every country had different cultures ,the patterns might had different background.And the roof had two side,interior and exterior.Inside roof maybe had a lot of mural ,or carving.

Therefore ,I can do some research  about countries cultures and history.

Firstly , I will choose some  architecture to do some research. I want to research some construction first .And I want to found some modern style fashion designer to research.

For techniques ,I will take photo about roof.And I will drawing this pictures by various way.About fabric , I don’t have idea.But maybe I will design some pattern.Therefore, maybe I  will Print in my cloth.


Because  roof is a usual structure,I can do research easily. And London has China town , Museum.


I will to London visiting museum ,and drawing some details about roof or some special antique. Meantime ,I will take a lot picture about in china town. And In China, I always travel,so I had some picture about  tile.I will take picture in Cambridge  about roof.I will use internet to see a lot of  pictures.


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