Plan-5 Research way about project

My project  in this week is to make a mood board about 1920's paris.
About my project ,I would choose 5 tools to research.
About first one,I've been to centre library yesterday.Meantime,I found a lot of books about artists' drawing,and photographer's picture.For example ,Man Ray, Miro,and Picasso.Then, I taken a lot of photograph about those artists works.
Three Musicians.1921

 This drawing made by Picasso,<Three Musicians> in 1921 
Next, I I found a lot of the latest fashion trends in paris from the internet.And I compare the artist and the fashion design,and I fond that they have a lot in common,whatever shape or colour even texture.9-thakoon-00010h_1280x1920_592x888 
Next,I will go to the library to find magazine about the latest fashion new .Then I will using youtube to watching some video about latest fashion show and old artists introduce .

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