How To Do Handwork?

About handwork ,there are a lot  of way to do it.

1.Paper sculptureFA91231BD9BB94F63B737D6211ABF3C3
Made by Ray Ameijide
2.Clay and modeling materials IMG_8549
(3-Dimentional illustration page49)
3.Moldmaking and castingIMG_8539
4.Carving and assemblageIMG_8537
5.Fabric sculptureIMG_8546
Made By Kathleen lengyel
(3-Dimentional illustration page139)
7.Food sculpture
8.Photographing dimensional IMG_8559
Made by Ellen Rixford.

In books ,we can found a lots of details about handworks.And I think book is the best way to research.





Next,I will use three ways to deeply research how to make handcraft.

First way :MOVIE


Yesterday I saw a movie named<How to Make an American Quilt>. The movie is use stitching cloth to describe love story.Every one sewing they story on the cloth,and splice together to makes a quilt for heroine.(5)

The completing was influenced by every women’s love story ,everyone life.




Second way :SHOP

In last weekend ,I visited some handmade shop.(2)

IMG_8444<First past the post>

The craft made by clays,the designer name Simon Conolly . The craft influenced by UK’ policy First-past-the-post election system.And the designer use simple materials to describe human’s expression.I can feel the curiosity from the craft.


Third way:YOUTUBE


Design by Luca Iaconi-Stewart.


It’s a plane model made of kraft paper.The designer just use plane craft to restore the whole plane,and no errors.(1)

The made way is:

First ,he using computer to draw CAD,then pint on kraft paper.And cut the paper into pieces,then stick them by glue and tweezers.Importantly,He use 1000hours to made this plane .

He was affected by the production of a Boeing 777-3000er drawings.He thought,he not is a astronaut ,but he can do a same.


Compare the three research methods ,I think the  best way is youtube. Cause It’s the fast to understand the step’s way .

Research by shop’s advantage is we can clarity to see the craft. Disadvantage is we don’t known the steps.We just know the final work.

Research by movie’s advantage is we can more understand the story and emotion behind the crafts.  Disadvantage is  don’t have enough  movie to describe the handwork story.

Research by YouTube’ advantage is convenient and fast.And we have video to understand the craft.Meantime ,we could understand the structure and materials of the craft.Disadvantage is none……

Therefore I think youtube is the best way to acquaintance the handwork.






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